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There are way too many bloggers and crooked ‘untrustworthy’ methods to advertise online. I decided it was time to begin sharing my own experiences as I am lucky enough to visit many cities and try plenty of women’s products on a weekly basis.

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One day it dawned on me…I received plenty of comments on what I was wearing ‘where did you get that from, Ooh I like that’ etc…So here I am. I decided that sharing was caring. Little did I know that my blog would become so popular and that I would even become a mini style icon sharing what I like and what I have seen! 🙂


This blog is to help brands and shoppers connect with a each other via a ‘REAL’ energetic young female you can both see and trust. I hope my photographs and broken English prove my authenticity. I am not a trained PR professional but I am well networked, socially engaged and extremely contagious!!


Choose me for your promotions, events, travel, product launches and parties! You can guarantee I’ll deliver through all social media channels, my blog (here) and via third parties. Please use my contact form to get in touch to discuss any project or campaign you may be considering. I also have some GREAT promotion services which I do not publicly advertise.

Chloe xXx

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