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Beauty Queen’s get Glam’ed for Glam

April 8, 2014

Saturday 5th April Cardiff welcomed in a couple of extra beauty queens! Miss Earth Scotland (Kiera Kingsman) & Miss Earth England (yours truly)…

The lovely Angharad James; Miss Earth Wales, is leaving us for Dubai! She has been offered a place as a super sexy trolley dolly for Emirates and will start her new life in Mid April.

Angharad arranged a leaving party, which started off with a few girlies at her home (just outside of Cardiff) where four bottles of Moet were consumed and one bottle of prosecco drank for good measure during the car journey to Boutique then onto Glam. (Glam features on MTV show: The Valley’s).

Below are the pictures of An’s leaving party 🙂

Love from The Earth Queens <3

Tanya Walker (Miss Earth Medway 2012) Chloe Othen (Miss Earth England 2013) Jordan Reed (MTV The Valleys, Owner of Boutique & Glam Night Club) Kiera Kingsman (Miss Earth Scotland 2013) Angharad James (Miss Earth Wales 2013)

Events, Style Diary

Early Mothers Day Treat

March 21, 2014

I had been secretly planning a surprise night out (and hotel stay) for Mum for a couple of weeks. As we are both always busy on the weekends… the only date we were both available was 14th- 15th March. So It was an early Mother’s Day gift 🙂 First, I surprised her with a FAMILY sized suite at the Mayfair Hotel, complete with two QUEEN beds (ahhhhmazingggg) It was our first time staying in the Mayfair. The Hotel was just breath taking…. ahhh I wish I could live there! Next we had some lunch and had a bottle of white before letting on to her I had booked double makeovers at Benefit in Carnaby Street!  Our makeup session lasted an hour and half (partly due to my purple smokey eyes taking foreverrrr). After I bought a few products for us both and luckily we had just enough time to dash into Zara so I could grab an outfit for tonights dinner. We strolled back looking ‘oh so glam’ to the Mayfair Hotel where I presented her with prosecco, macaroons, a card and present (a cute LBD) 🙂 We put on our glam rags, I straightened Mum’s hair and I had already curled my the night before (which was a god send and saved me so much time having to do it). We were picked up in a Rolls Royce at 8:45pm outside the Mayfair Hotel… (NICE) and dropped off at 5 Hertford St. – Lou Lou’s * a private members club * We met my friends in the Martini Bar, had a cheeky cocktail then popped downstairs for dinner, champagne and unlimited amounts of wine. The food was absolutely delicious! We ordered around 10 starters to share which included Tuna Tartar, Lobster, Prosciutto, various Salads, Breads, pasta, Zucchini, pasta and various other fish and meat dishes. I had the black cod which has got to be my FAVOURITE dish at the moment… it tasted like a slice of heaven! Mum had Sea bass and for desert we had a creme brûlée tart 😀 After dinner we headed to the night club in Lou Lou’s were we danced the night away with champagne and a few Baileys. We were dropped off at the Mayfair Hotel in the early hours of the morning in the Rolls Royce…. The day/night could not have been any more perfect. It was exactly what I imagined 🙂 YAY I had the best time and from what I could see Mum had an absolute ball! We woke up early; thankfully Breakfast was included… We needed something to cure us! After breakfast we checked our and headed into Bond St for a spot of shopping in the sun 🙂 PERFECT. Chloé xXx

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First Monday in March

March 3, 2014
Chloe Biography

Why hello there…

You seem to have stumbled across my brand new blog!!! I have always wanted to get into blogging but never quite knew what I should speak about, what images I should post, if I have the time to keep it up and most importantly if anyone would even read my dribble? Well who knows but I am throwing myself into the blogging banaza anyway.

To start off, I will share a little bit about myself I currently work in financial advisory but have been modelling since 17 years old full time/part time on and off and pageant prancing since 19. I have aways been passionate about modelling, acting, singing (generally performing) travelling and fashion. I am success driven, seriously ambitious and madly deeply in love with London; which is somewhat of a dangerous affair. 

For those that do not know me, I would say I am of the random species. Sometimes I don’t even understand myself so I don’t expect anyone else in life to ‘get me.’ I think too much so maybe this is a good idea to write my thoughts down instead of letting them clog up in my already jam-packed head. I am fun, adore food, appreciate the nice things in life and am partial to a G&T/Cocktail/Johnny walkers/Prosecco/Red Wine… Ok you get the gist. I am from an awesome but bonkers family of 10 and am the eldest of 8 children! My family definitely deserve our own TV show we are all completely different people and are best described as atoms bouncing off each other causing explosions of mayhem. I spend my life living out a suitcase, I love to travel, visit new places and meet people from all walks of life. Currently I live between Central London and the glorious Kent. Sometimes, even in England I live out of hotels which does not annoy me as I like a change.

To conclude, today on the first Monday in March 2014, I have decided to enlighten you all with my charming but hopefully witty blog. Subscribe if you wish (please do) and take the catwalk into my life.

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