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My prayers have been answered… A La Marmite Cupcake

June 11, 2014

OK… so yesterday here I was banging on to people around me about how I am jumping back on the healthy bandwagon bla bla gym bla fitness bla protein this superfood that… zzzz

Well this morning Benjamin (the eldest of my four brothers… but younger than me) decided to corrupt me with a marmite cupcake! OH EM GE

I have been looking forward to, firstly finding somewhere that sells this bad boy AND secondly munching it.

SO whether this sickens you or not my conclusion is: freaking amazing! 

This Love IT or Hate IT treat is a combination of yeast/salt/sweet/chocolate/caramel deliciousness.

I advise… no, actually I order all marmite heads to get yourself down to Lola’s and purchase this beaut of a concoction.

Currently stocked in several Lola stores. You can pick up your marmite treat at Selfridges, Topshop Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, Brent Cross, Bluewater, King’s Cross Station and at the chain’s flagship store in Mayfair. It is only available for a limited time; four weeks to be precise. So hurry your cupcake cake sugar loving bubble butt on down to one of these store asap.






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