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Too Fast Too Furious in Ostrava – Czech Republic

October 14, 2014

Ostrava, Czech Republic

On the morning of Wednesday 8th October I found myself being awoken in bed slightly hung over from an evening of wine tasting in Ostrava, Czech Republic…  The 6am wake up phone call had disturbed me from my slumber… Ideal… hmm. Planned was a morning dedicated to sport activities… Hurdles, Football, American Soccer, Zorbing, Athletics… you name it! I needed to man up and get my game face on!

In the afternoon I made my way to the Libros Company to participate in the opening of the new polygon. We were also able to visit the ‘Safe Driving’ for kids centre. There were a bundle of cute children impatiently waiting for us ladies to show them how to drive properly and how to be safe on the road.

After the official ceremony for the opening of the new Polygon I was able to get into my sports gear and hitch a ride in a few of the cars! It was my first time on the dirt track and it was awesome! Not only did I love it but it gave me a huge adrenalin rush. I had the opportunity to ride in jeeps/quad bikes/trucks around a bumpy track! The cars were super fast… I may have let out a slight scream on the quad bike…. Don’t judge me 😛  The driver certainly had no fear for death… thankfully there were no accidents and I’m able to tell the tale :O

Chloé xXx

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