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The Red Statement Blazer

April 5, 2017

I for one am a sucker for a blazer; I have a dozen different colours/styles hung up in my wardrobe (or say packed in my suitcase, depending on where I am jetting off to).

And lets be honest, we all love the classic black blazer. I mean, it is sophisticated, timeless and forever classy…how can it ever do you wrong? BUT now summer is approaching I think it is time to give the loyal black blazer a well deserved rest and maybe swap it for a statement piece instead… how about RED?

This is one of favourite blazers I bought from Zara not so long along. I like to style around the blazer or even rock it as a suit (I have the matching trousers of course).

OHHH and I don’t suggest walking around in nothing but a bikini and your blazer… just like I did for one of my most recent photo shoots. It was a lot colder than it looks… trust me.

To buy online:

Photographer: Yolanda Kingdon





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Portfolio Update

January 21, 2016

New Images for the Port

Stepping into 2016 with a portfolio update!

I thought to share some of my fav new images 🙂

Steal My Style

Bikinis/Swimsuits: ASOS

Undies: Calvin Klein

Leather Top/Dress found in a boutique in Los Angeles,

Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Photographer: Anna Fowler

Make Up Artist: Ruth Reynolds.


Chloe xXx

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Greasy hair beware!

October 20, 2014

Have you ever found yourself in a grim and ‘greasy’ situation and you’ve finished the last of your dry shampoo?!? No stress… baby powder is the perfect cover up! You can sprinkle it onto your roots or brush it throughout your hair.  Not only does it remove the oil but it smells clean.

Baby powder works wonders for blondes/grey hairs. QUICK TIP: You could also add a little bit of cocoa powder to the baby powder if you are brunette… Redheads try cinnamon… brush it throughout your hair.

Other awesome uses for Baby Powder include:

Ant repel

Pet shampoo

Removes Sand and grease stains

Loosen up playing cards

Ease waxing pain

Freshen up your shoes

Add to plastic gloves to fit into them easier (eliminates moisture) 

Freshen closets

Cool your sheets during the hot months

Makes a good deodorant and keeps your fresh

Soothes your skin

WHAT!? You are out of baby powder too :O ooooook… how about adding some translucent powder to your powder brush and brush that onto your roots/tzone. This is also a clever substitute for dry shampoo 😀


Chloé xXx


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The Gateway of India

September 9, 2014

What a glorious place this is; situated in Colaba, Mumbai. You can witness the beautiful architecture whilst enjoying the fresh sea breeze in the all year round sun. People from all over the world come to see the Gateway.

It is extremely busy and there were a lot of people wanting photographs with my friends and I. I was more then happy to oblige but ended up staying a lot longer then expected. Opposite, is the famous Taj Hotel; which is a hot spot for tourists. The Taj is also an impressive building and you are provided with an excellent view from the Gateway of India.

There is also the option of taking an hours boat ride on the Arabian Sea to the Elephanta Caves. The caves lie just off the coast of the Arabian Sea and are one of the oldest rock cut structures in the country, I have visited the Caves and I would highly recommend taking this trip.

Chloé xXx

P.s All the images are my own 🙂

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Marbella Ocean Club… My 1st Champagne Spray :O

July 17, 2014

Over the May bank holiday my girl friends and I headed to Marbella for 6days to let off some serious steam and party in sun 🙂

On Sunday 26th May, I lost my champagne spray virginity after paying crazy money for entry to the Ocean Club spray party! My girlfriend and I got to the party quite late; 4pm to be exact… This was partly due to us being lazy, relaxing in the sun, sipping on the amazing fresh cocktails at Sala Beach. The day party at Ocean Club starts from 10am until 8/9pm – this is more or less when everyone leaves. The champagne spray starts at 6pm and its basically thousands of people going chicken oriental with a bottle of Dom Perignon. It is completely OTT and full of show offs but it was good fun and I’m glad I went to experience it for myself 🙂

I was bull charged into the pool so the majority of photos I managed to take with caution on my iPhone 5s, I look soaked in… Oh I was completely drenched in champagne by a handful of delightful souls 🙂 I didn’t mind and several occasions bombed into the pool myself… Good job I went pretty natural; I didn’t have any eyelashes on/much makeup/hair extensions. phew… But I did feel slightly under glammed (even for me) so if I ever go again I think I will go all out… just for fun 😀




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Girls Just Want To Have F U N

March 14, 2014

So0o0o0o Friday Night’s client meeting turned Penthouse party in Embankment left me feeling like death warmed up on Saturday morning. Not the best way to start a sunny saturday… But luckily I had booked a pamper session a few weeks before at 12pm that day, so off I trot to Holborn for my 2hr pamper session. This included a full body Massage, full body detoxifying Mask and facial. I was half expecting to ‘skip’ out the salon door like a new woman ready to embrace the day… Unfortunately I left feeling just as grim as when I walked into the spa… I can’t say it was the best I have ever had but I’m not sure I can judge when I resembled a gremlin with a head full of ‘toxins’. I kept my head down and caught the train back to Kent which is slow and takes an hour… I crashed and burned… The girls and I; Gemma, Parris and Katharine had planned a Mumu’s night out for a few weeks. We had been looking forward to a well needed catch up…. Saturday 8th March was girls night! My tan was looking fresh from yesterday’s spray and the girlies were looking HOT as per usual… Met up with a few old mass and we all had an awesome night. We raved on down to source bar (which I haven’t been to in about two years) needless to say I ended up crawling home at 5am…Kaf and I sat in my kitchen (which has unlimited amounts of FOOD urgh stuffing ours faces with copious amounts of junk… ‘Detox starts Monday’ Chloé xXx

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Bronzed Goddess

March 7, 2014

Last night I managed to squeeze in a ‘Vita Liberata’ Spray Tan at the ‘Benefit Boutique’ in Covent Garden;5 minutes from where I live. I usually get my tan  at ‘Fab Spray Tans’ in Kent (usually on a Friday night) BUT as I am in London during the week, I had to look at other options!

I came across ‘Benefit Boutique’ by chance late yesterday afternoon. I was busy googling spray tan salons in Covent Garden. I didn’t know Benefit had rooms for pamper sessions, sprays tans, waxes, eyebrows etc. They also do make overs which I will probably try next week! Luckily the Boutique had one space left at 5:30pm so I got myself booked in and a few hours later I was standing naked in the spray booth waiting to be transformed! I can’t stand tan lines so I always decline the option of the ‘paper thong’ but I was taking no chances with muddy looking feet so the sticky shoes were a YES please! My tan specialist was incredibly friendly and sweet. The whole process takes around 15minutes as I like to be sprayed twice. I wanted to be brown not ‘lightly sun kissed.’ I walked in like a pasty goat so I need to be leaving like I have stepped off of a plane after a week in the Bahamas! The whole process took around half an hour which was ideal plus it was now dark outside… WIN no one can see my tangoed new look in the dark. Hoping no one would see me (plus I’m braless) I quickly pop into Holland and Barretts to trial a couple pea-protein yoghurts… FAIL they taste horrible (I’m trying to limit my dairy and soya intake so I am looking at other options, clearly this was not one). Anyway I get home and sleep in all black loose clothing, I put a towel over my pillows and sheets as not to stain them! I wash my tan off in the morning and I am looking meeeeaaan. Loving my new bronzed look and I will definitely book myself in again! Now the real question is how long will this tan last??? Meh, as long as I am looking fresh for the weekend it’s all good in the hood.

Benefit Boutique 19, Shorts Garden, London (Nearest tube: Covent Garden) – Check out my tan choice 🙂

I will upload pictures of my bad ass tan later this weekend 🙂 ‘Chow’ for Now



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First Monday in March

March 3, 2014
Chloe Biography

Why hello there…

You seem to have stumbled across my brand new blog!!! I have always wanted to get into blogging but never quite knew what I should speak about, what images I should post, if I have the time to keep it up and most importantly if anyone would even read my dribble? Well who knows but I am throwing myself into the blogging banaza anyway.

To start off, I will share a little bit about myself I currently work in financial advisory but have been modelling since 17 years old full time/part time on and off and pageant prancing since 19. I have aways been passionate about modelling, acting, singing (generally performing) travelling and fashion. I am success driven, seriously ambitious and madly deeply in love with London; which is somewhat of a dangerous affair. 

For those that do not know me, I would say I am of the random species. Sometimes I don’t even understand myself so I don’t expect anyone else in life to ‘get me.’ I think too much so maybe this is a good idea to write my thoughts down instead of letting them clog up in my already jam-packed head. I am fun, adore food, appreciate the nice things in life and am partial to a G&T/Cocktail/Johnny walkers/Prosecco/Red Wine… Ok you get the gist. I am from an awesome but bonkers family of 10 and am the eldest of 8 children! My family definitely deserve our own TV show we are all completely different people and are best described as atoms bouncing off each other causing explosions of mayhem. I spend my life living out a suitcase, I love to travel, visit new places and meet people from all walks of life. Currently I live between Central London and the glorious Kent. Sometimes, even in England I live out of hotels which does not annoy me as I like a change.

To conclude, today on the first Monday in March 2014, I have decided to enlighten you all with my charming but hopefully witty blog. Subscribe if you wish (please do) and take the catwalk into my life.

Air Kisses