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Marbella Ocean Club… My 1st Champagne Spray :O

July 17, 2014

Over the May bank holiday my girl friends and I headed to Marbella for 6days to let off some serious steam and party in sun 🙂

On Sunday 26th May, I lost my champagne spray virginity after paying crazy money for entry to the Ocean Club spray party! My girlfriend and I got to the party quite late; 4pm to be exact… This was partly due to us being lazy, relaxing in the sun, sipping on the amazing fresh cocktails at Sala Beach. The day party at Ocean Club starts from 10am until 8/9pm – this is more or less when everyone leaves. The champagne spray starts at 6pm and its basically thousands of people going chicken oriental with a bottle of Dom Perignon. It is completely OTT and full of show offs but it was good fun and I’m glad I went to experience it for myself 🙂

I was bull charged into the pool so the majority of photos I managed to take with caution on my iPhone 5s, I look soaked in… Oh I was completely drenched in champagne by a handful of delightful souls 🙂 I didn’t mind and several occasions bombed into the pool myself… Good job I went pretty natural; I didn’t have any eyelashes on/much makeup/hair extensions. phew… But I did feel slightly under glammed (even for me) so if I ever go again I think I will go all out… just for fun 😀




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Murad ‘Pom Power’ Pore Cleansing Facial

May 13, 2014

Recently my skin has broken out in all kinds of disgusting lumps and bumps… I seriously needed to get my ass marching to the nearest Facial experts. I decided to scour the internet to see what deals I could find. There are some great offers if you delve deep. I came across a super cool site called Wahanda and managed to squeeze in an appointment with Murad in their beauty room at House of Fraser, 318 Oxford Street for a Pom-Power Pore Cleansing Facial:

The perfect pick-me-up for skin of all ages. This facial uses the wonderful Vitalic range of products from Murad, which harness the powerful anti-oxidant effects of the Pomegranate fruit to energise and renew your complexion. This facial includes a gentle peel which will help to brighten and resurface your skin. This facial is suitable for all skin types and is a very good facial for younger clients.’

The whole process lasts about 40minutes and I was generally really happy with the outcome. My therapist Natasha, was warm, friendly and passionate about her job, she got straight to work on my face without any 10-15minutes flaffing about like a few therapists I have come into contact with over the years tend to do. I was impressed with her knowledge of the products and her professionalism. Natasha also took off all my makeup (most therapists leave my mascara on) and I left with my skin positivity glowing. I would definitely recommend this treatment and I hope to go back again soon 🙂




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Bronzed Goddess

March 7, 2014

Last night I managed to squeeze in a ‘Vita Liberata’ Spray Tan at the ‘Benefit Boutique’ in Covent Garden;5 minutes from where I live. I usually get my tan  at ‘Fab Spray Tans’ in Kent (usually on a Friday night) BUT as I am in London during the week, I had to look at other options!

I came across ‘Benefit Boutique’ by chance late yesterday afternoon. I was busy googling spray tan salons in Covent Garden. I didn’t know Benefit had rooms for pamper sessions, sprays tans, waxes, eyebrows etc. They also do make overs which I will probably try next week! Luckily the Boutique had one space left at 5:30pm so I got myself booked in and a few hours later I was standing naked in the spray booth waiting to be transformed! I can’t stand tan lines so I always decline the option of the ‘paper thong’ but I was taking no chances with muddy looking feet so the sticky shoes were a YES please! My tan specialist was incredibly friendly and sweet. The whole process takes around 15minutes as I like to be sprayed twice. I wanted to be brown not ‘lightly sun kissed.’ I walked in like a pasty goat so I need to be leaving like I have stepped off of a plane after a week in the Bahamas! The whole process took around half an hour which was ideal plus it was now dark outside… WIN no one can see my tangoed new look in the dark. Hoping no one would see me (plus I’m braless) I quickly pop into Holland and Barretts to trial a couple pea-protein yoghurts… FAIL they taste horrible (I’m trying to limit my dairy and soya intake so I am looking at other options, clearly this was not one). Anyway I get home and sleep in all black loose clothing, I put a towel over my pillows and sheets as not to stain them! I wash my tan off in the morning and I am looking meeeeaaan. Loving my new bronzed look and I will definitely book myself in again! Now the real question is how long will this tan last??? Meh, as long as I am looking fresh for the weekend it’s all good in the hood.

Benefit Boutique 19, Shorts Garden, London (Nearest tube: Covent Garden) – Check out my tan choice 🙂

I will upload pictures of my bad ass tan later this weekend 🙂 ‘Chow’ for Now




Pancake day at home with family

March 5, 2014

Soooo yesterday was Pancake Day! Sorry the correct term is Shrove Tuesday… Wow it was a good day. I stuffed myself silly on pancakes sweets chocolates and anything remotely sugary! SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR.

Every year my Mum prepares a pancake treat for the Family and this year was no exception.. well the only exception of Ben and Will not being around to join in the fun; MEH more pancakes for ME I mean… ‘US.’ They are currently in Birmingham for University… The only two out of the eldest six who decided university was the right path to choose! I for one am proud they got their shizz together and went on to gain a high education… You go glen cocoa’s.

Anyhow… back to Pancake Day! SO IT WAS AMAZING! I ate three pancakes… filled with a variety of interesting topics… banana, crunchy and smooth peanut butter, ice cream, Philadelphia cheese spread, original lemon and sugar, Nutella, kiwis, marshmallows, marmalade, smarties, golden syrup, sprinkles and even chucked on cookie and cream protein powder (mixed with cream of course) for good measure!

FYI Orange Smarties taste different to the rest of the coloured smarties! Actual FACT! They taste of chocolate orange… If you have not discovered this you must now go to your nearest shop and taste for yourself hehe.

People who attended the Othen/Alexander Pancake Day Bash.

Me, Gemma, Jessica, Natalie, William, Ben, Stuart, Gareth, Luke and Oliver 🙂

So as I officially went HAM on Sugar yesterday… Today is now a SAD SAD day… Out of choice I have given up Chocolate, Sweets, Biscuits, Cakes, Ice Cream oh and Bread so NO croissants, bagels, currant buns, sandwiches, bread rolls, toasted pannis… mmm lets not dwell on my past eating habits as today I embark on my new challenge: LENT! I have always given up my favourite foods/sauces/drinks etc for Lent since I was 15 and this year is no exception.

After 2x chocolate yoghurts, 5 biscuits (not including half a pack I ate yesterday at work) another pack of smarties, a few cheeky spoonfuls of Nutella and peanut butter together – this is heaven btw. I ended my night with my last chocolate fix of a 247 calorific kitkat chunky and a bucket load of peanut butter (obv a family sized tub for me).

Wish me luck and please pray for me.



Dieting & Nutrition

Those four important letters… F O O D

March 4, 2014

You would not think it if you were to judge by the size of me but I am simply obsessed with food. I am a vegetarian/pescatarian whatever you would like to label me as I do not eat meat only fish. A lot of people ask me why I do not eat meat and its just something that has never been attractive to me. I hope you are not munching on a whopping great chunk of steak whilst reading this but I feel like I am eating flesh when I eat meat. The texture is chewy and I just don’t enjoy eating it, actually meat to me is quite boring but hey thats my opinion. I gave up meat when I was 8 years old, I knew I didn’t like it and it was pointless eating something I was simply not enjoying. I tried meat again around the age of 15 and again last year, it was basically to confirm my dislike of meat, which was still there so I know wasn’t a fad. Being a vegetarian is not necessarily bad thing, it opens your eyes to new food, new recipes and for me its fun trying new things.

I LOVE sushi whether its Nobu, Aqua, Itsu, Yo Sushi or Boots meal deal I will never tire of eating it.

Nobu, 15 Berkeley Street

Aqua Kyoto. 5th floor, 240 Regent Street,

Selfridges 400 Oxford Street

Yo Sushi, 57 Haymarket

I try to eat healthily but I feel guilty being in these amazing restaurants and choosing a salad…  So I think ‘I might not come here again so I need to eat the best dish on the menu… oh and a desert… I will just have to have a super workout tomorrow’ :S

I believe you can eat everything you wish within moderation.

My local hang out is (Green Park) Mayfair so to list a few of my favourite places around this area to eat out would be Nobu, Novikov, Browns, Ritz, Carlton Club, Automat etc. One of the best restaurants on Dover St. has simply got to be Alloro. It is divine! Every single time I have been to this restaurant the food is exquisite and the staff are incredibly friendly and attentive.  The last time I was there I had the vegetable soup for starters (fresh veg in a clear soup) Tuna Steak Chips and Salad for mains and mango sorbet for desert YUM!

Alloro, 19-20 Dover Street

I do not eat out in expensive restaurants all the time… If I did I would be broke but lucky for me I get taken out often by work/clients/friends which I am so grateful for! If I had to choose between paying for several slap up meals or a Chanel bag, as much as I would class food as a hobby, Fashion would win hands down.

OH and I am a MAJOR sugar addict but chocolate ,sweets, biscuits and all those other mouth watering ‘bad’ things are another chapter….

Air Kisses



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First Monday in March

March 3, 2014
Chloe Biography

Why hello there…

You seem to have stumbled across my brand new blog!!! I have always wanted to get into blogging but never quite knew what I should speak about, what images I should post, if I have the time to keep it up and most importantly if anyone would even read my dribble? Well who knows but I am throwing myself into the blogging banaza anyway.

To start off, I will share a little bit about myself I currently work in financial advisory but have been modelling since 17 years old full time/part time on and off and pageant prancing since 19. I have aways been passionate about modelling, acting, singing (generally performing) travelling and fashion. I am success driven, seriously ambitious and madly deeply in love with London; which is somewhat of a dangerous affair. 

For those that do not know me, I would say I am of the random species. Sometimes I don’t even understand myself so I don’t expect anyone else in life to ‘get me.’ I think too much so maybe this is a good idea to write my thoughts down instead of letting them clog up in my already jam-packed head. I am fun, adore food, appreciate the nice things in life and am partial to a G&T/Cocktail/Johnny walkers/Prosecco/Red Wine… Ok you get the gist. I am from an awesome but bonkers family of 10 and am the eldest of 8 children! My family definitely deserve our own TV show we are all completely different people and are best described as atoms bouncing off each other causing explosions of mayhem. I spend my life living out a suitcase, I love to travel, visit new places and meet people from all walks of life. Currently I live between Central London and the glorious Kent. Sometimes, even in England I live out of hotels which does not annoy me as I like a change.

To conclude, today on the first Monday in March 2014, I have decided to enlighten you all with my charming but hopefully witty blog. Subscribe if you wish (please do) and take the catwalk into my life.

Air Kisses