Travel reviews

Travel reviews – my personal favourite! Invite me for a short break and I’ll share my article with you before sharing it with my thousands of followers 🙂

With model friends dotted all over the globe, my travel reviews can get a little carried away! I document where I am, what I have eaten, who I’ve seen, who wore what etc! I swap style tips with friends Worldwide and advertise globally.

If you would like me to travel to a destination which your company is planning to travel to, please contact me for further details. I am happy to write reviews, record videos and give feedback based on what you provide me. I have travelled Worldwide and happy to travel with friends, a partner or as a sole traveller.

If you are the manager or a business owner that would like me to round up a number of well spoken, well mannered friends to travel to your hotel or holiday destination, again please get in touch to discuss. My reviews are highly valuable and are designed and reported in a positive light with many images and videos.

I am open to review any city or holiday destination.

  • Package holidays
  • Self catering holiday – Review includes dining externally
  • On-site/off-site restaurant reviews
  • Weather reviews
  • Excursion reviews with video and photographs for your own website
  • Beach and environment review
  • Health and well-being breaks

Please contact me directly to discuss your travel or location review personally.

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